about Hess

The name HESS is well known in the field of construction machines and spare parts. Worldwide.

HESS has been involved in this field since 1960. However, nowadays the method of selling parts and machines has changed. The Internet is the most popular and probably the fastest way to get information now and to buy things you or your client needs. So we adapted out way of doing business too.

We have ceased maintaining an extensive stock of used machines, as well as travelling the world to find new clients. We have now focused upon on the Internet market: we identify the best possibilities, we seek out the “ black sheep” and we know almost all the trustworthy sellers.

We also have the best engineers within the repair machine sector and so we are able to identify whether the sellers’ information as to the condition of the machines they have is correct or not.We can check and report about any machine on the market.

So we can help you to

  • find exactly the machines or parts you need
  • get better prices because we buy on a regular basis, meaning that sellers know that they can trust us and that they will get their money from us before shipment without a letter of credit or other complicated methods
  • to arrange all necessary documents, to organize both inland and overseas transports, get easy real finance from us and find good European-produced aftermarket goods for spare parts
  • to find out, if that what the sellers tells you in their offers or on the Internet is true or not. Is the machine they offered really in the condition they claim? Who can assure me that I will get good quality? Are there problems inside the machine, which are not evident? Who can help me to find this out?

You can solve this by yourself if you trust in that what the sellers tell you on the Internet. But can you really trust them? They want to sell their goods; this is their prime interest.

We can do this work for you. It is not in our interest to sell machines. We can, but we don’t need to!

Our interest is, to help you, against payment. At fair prices. So Hess can be your eyes and your hands here in Europe. Give a try.